Essential oil diffuser for Amazon

Amazon product photography sample of white background product photography of diffuser metal top front with steam List of Features and size

Zoom Studio is a product photography studio in Melbourne but we receive products from all over Australia. This product came from the Northern Territory.

In addition to the product photos on white background, we also sourced all the props and styled the lifestyle photos.

These two products are interesting to photograph with their own technical challenges. The LED lights change colour and it takes precise lighting adjustments and camera exposure to capture both flash iluminated surfaces and the LED colours. That is not all, to capture the steam I had to position very precisely the light to create volume and background separation. I love the technical challenges because they keep me constantly improving and searching for the best solutions.

I think the final result is very good. The client was satisfied and sent us more products already.

Please note that the essential oil green bottle image was supplied by the client. It was not photographed by me.

This product will soon be available on Amazon US. Search for it.  

If you need a product photographer in Melbourne, please give me a call on 0417509955 or send me a message here.



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