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Product Photography

Sell more with super quality photos

All about trust and honesty.

Super detailed photos show your real product. The details are so incredible that your clients believe they are looking to the real thing.

Your clients TRUST on what they see and TRUST on your brand. The result is, they buy more.

We care

We care to know what is important on your product and light it perfectly on the best angle and finally manually retouch all photos. We care that you are 100% happy.

Fast Service

All done in just a few days. Call us to know more.

Perfect Results

Your photos are perfectly retouched, with accurate colours, and in any format you need. Just perfect textures, highlights, reflections and transparencies.

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5.0 51 reviews

  • Avatar chris “GODS4theOG TTV”
    I used Jose for a product that i designed myself, I had been worried about sharing the product before its actual release But as soon as I made contact with Jose I could tell that his professionalism was exactly what i was after. He kept my concept and idea private. Regarding the actual photos of the product Jose's quality was second to none, the photos were absolutely perfect and the extra touch ups he did on them just made them shine.I would definitely use Jose for future projects and I could not speak any more highly of him.
  • Avatar Shaan Bedi
    I engaged Jose for product photographs for my Amazon business. The quality of his photos was excellent, and he took the time to provide advice on how to make the product pop and what props would create the best visual experience. Would definitely recommend Zoom Studio for product photography
  • Avatar Sonia Napolitano
    I would highly recommend Jose for product photography services. I found him to be very professional and his attention to detail is amazing. I have used his photography in all my advertising and webpage and am extremely happy.
  • Avatar White AF Teeth
    Very professional, great photo’s! Went above and beyond to help achieve the desired result for my website and product pages! Would absolutely recommend! Jose was happy to change a few things in regards to removing backgrounds after too, No hassle!
  • Avatar Brett Hadaway
    Jose took shots for a product we are launch on Amazon,we were very happy with the result,you can really tell Jose has a passion for photography and is very particular with every detail, really enjoyed his hospitality and humour. Would definitely work with Jose again and recommend to friends.
  • Avatar Michael Benton
    *Highly Professional and Intuitive* is the only way to describe the seamless/flawless experiences i have had with Zoom Studio.Jose is, not only one of the best photographers in the country, he has a firm grasp/understanding on how to bring out the best result of the project in hand.I have been running businesses for over 30 years and NEVER have i encountered another operator with such passion and creative ability that goes beyond the norm. Not to mention going beyond the call of duty in order to achieve your goal.His thoughtful input into my projects … More were often better than what i had in mind.Will see you soon Studio Zoom for my next venture.
  • Avatar Tony Cosentino
    Jose is a true professional! He is very thorough in his photography and worked diligently to give us the quality of the BodyScope photos that we needed.. We will definitely be using his services on an ongoing basis for our business.
  • Avatar Vittorianesse
    I have Art Directed Jose for an on-site product shoot (kitchen appliances) and for several other photo jobs and always happy with his exceptional quality results.
  • Avatar Maison & Beyond
    Jose did an amazing job in not only taking photos of my product but detail and experience showed in the way he was able to highlight features of my product in eye catching way and engaging. Very professional and so easy to communicate and work with. Highly recommend!
  • Avatar Zoozoo Printing
    Jose at Zoom Studio produced photos of our products and were extremely happy the results. He is efficient, quick to communicate and passionate about photography, which shows in the quality of his work. Will definitely use his services again! Happy to recommend Jose to others for lifestyle product photography. Thank you again!
  • Avatar Scott Halsall
    Jose @ Zoom Studios is simply amazing. We needed some last minute photography for a media release and to refresh some images on our kickstarter project before launch. Time was critical and quality had to be high. Jose made time for the shoot and the turnaround time including editing was fantastic right on the edge of Easter Holidays. We have successfully launched now and our publicist was very impressed with the quality of our portraits and product images. Jose is not only highly experienced and professional, he is also a great character and enjoyable … More to work with. Nicole @
  • Avatar Jax S
    Highly recommend Zoom Studio - Jose is an absolute professional and puts so much time, energy and care into every project. The photographs he has produced for me are of the highest quality and I am so happy with his service!

More about product photography

Learn what is important to each style, available options and business considerations.

Product photography is a broad term used by professional photographers that describes all photos that have the main subject, a product, or a group of products.

It shows the product or objects in the best way possible with little distractions. It is vastly used in catalogs, websites, and product packages.

Even when only part of a product is seen in a photo as a close-up or macro view, it can still be classified as product photography, as long as it has the clear objective to show the product well.

Many commercial professional photographers divide this segment based on characteristics of the products such as small, medium, and large products, or on the type of product such as white goods, brown goods, industrial products, furniture, etc.
There are also two types of product photography based on the style of the photography instead of the product characteristics. These are the e-commerce and lifestyle or in-situ styles.

The most common sub-category is e-commerce product photography where the product is photographed in a studio or on location, normally using a soft diffused light on a white background.

This type of product photography is so popular because it is a very effective way to show the product without distractions. The lack of strong shadows and an overall brightness look brings to the viewer confidence that there is nothing hidden and they can buy the product with confidence.

Most products sell more when photographed from multiple angles including detailed close-ups.

This style is very popular on eBay, Amazon and on all different types of e-commerce websites with or without a shopping cart facility.

The subcategory of “in-situ” or lifestyle photography is an advertising photo where the product is shot together with another element that contributes to the product’s quality, usability, or status.

We can use external elements to show usability or how the product fits into a function. For example, photographing a product in the hand of someone gives the idea of portability and how it fits into a hand.

Other products can benefit from images showing their use, how they connect, and how well they work or fit together with other objects or people.
Another good reason to use auxiliary objects, places, or backgrounds is to increase the perception of the value or status of the item. It is also used to emphasize connections with demographics such as age, sex, and social-economic status.

Talk to us about your ideas and product photography needs.

We happily take on board most products, including anything from jewelry to furniture to machinery, electronics, white goods, industrial goods, and hardware.
Popular photo shoots include:
. Cosmetics and health products
. Cooking, refrigerators, ovens, microwaves, washers and dryers
. For fashion and clothing, we have models or we will happily work with your team. Check out our model and fashion page.
. Shoes and fashion accessories
. Jewelry
. Tools, Machinery & Hardware items
. Musical Instruments
. Electronic boards
. Paintings, sculptures, and other types of art
. Products of complex shapes and difficult-to-capture colored goods
. Food
. Commercial and industrial products
. Homeware and cookware
. Decorative items

The price varies based on the product size, complexity, and style.

Prices start at $80.00 (+GST) for a small simple product photo on a white background.

For group photos (up to 6 items), the price starts at $100 (+GST), large group of products start at $110 (+GST), Lifestyle or in-situ (in-use) product photos cost around $130 (+GST).

These prices are indicative only. The final price depends on the number of products (significant volume discounts), size, complexity, style, and retouching requirements.

Give us a call and we can talk about the features of your product, styles, and target public and send you an obligation-free quote.

Prices as of August/2023

If your product is too big, heavy, or just simply not convenient to be transported to our studio in Wantirna South 35KM from Melbourne CBD, we are more than happy to come to you.

We bring our portable studio with lights, flashes, backgrounds, light modifiers and any other equipment you might need to produce the images you require.

Jose is the main photographer in the studio and he is an accredited, full-time professional photographer and a master of photography but this is not the main reason.
The truth is that Jose takes care of all details, is a great person to work with, and a person that tries to always provide a WOW service and super good results.
There are many other larger product photography studios in Melbourne that do a good job but very few receive the attention you and your product deserve, the quality of the results, image resolution, manual retouching, and overall composition and quality.

My main advice is to invest in quality images, quality graphic design, and quality websites. Quality

Quality images make the client appreciate the quality of your product and increase the perception of the quality of your business. If you want to be considered as a professional in your field, you should only show professionally perfect products and services.

It is very expensive to attract the client to your site and you want to give them all the reasons to contact you and purchase your products and no reason to leave without buying.

The investment in quality photos is normally paid in only a few days or weeks of improved sales and those great photos will work for you for years.

When the client has a large number of products or they are difficult or too expensive to transport due to their size, we can photograph them in their warehouse.

Zoom Studio has all the necessary equipment to photograph most products in locations such as warehouses and showrooms. We need to know well the characteristics of the products and plan well the shooting sequence to get the best and most efficient.

There are many things we can do in the studio or in locations where we have a large number of products to photograph in order to reduce the time and cost of the project.

Read this article where we photographed hundreds of products for 2 days in a client’s warehouse.

When you are starting your business and your website, there are a lot of new things to learn, new concepts such as SEO, Google business, website hosting, page speed, keyword research, etc.

I have done it and can share with you some of my learnings. The success of our clients is super important. We want them to sell a lot of their products and introduce new products and have lots of marketing events and materials. Their success means multiple new jobs for us, happy clients, and successful business.

Easy! Just send call us.
We need to know about your product and features as well as your ideas, target customer, media, etc.
We can help you to create a compelling efficient set of images that will help you sell more and at a better price.

It is a combination of fast service, top quality, fair price, and low risk.

There are many good studios for product photography in Melbourne but Zoom Studio is the house of the Master of Photography Jose Aguiar. He is a very experienced product advertising photographer who delivers exceptional service.

Give him a call on 0417509955.

Almost the totality of our product photography is advertising photography.

Our product photos are so high-quality that they can be part of most advertising campaigns and used in most media.

Here in the studio, we produce advertising photos of products for e-commerce sites, point-of-sale advertising, Amazon, eBay, catalogs, and signage.

We listen to our clients’ needs and produce images that help them to sell more and at a better price. True advertising effective photography.

The name advertising means selling, so an advertising photo has to have the objective of selling something to someone but it is not necessarily a product.

There are cases where we photograph items (even products) and places to advertise a service, a brand, or even an idea or principle.

So, all e-commerce product photos are advertising photos but not all advertising photos are of products.

We consider ourselves advertising photographers as most of our commercial clients are after great images to help in selling their products or services.

We love to produce creative advertising photos with the use of lifestyle elements, locations, backgrounds and models.

Send us a brief with your ideas, objectives and we will send to you a proposal or just call Jose on 0417509955.

If you do not have any great creative ideas yet, no worries.

Let us participate in the creative part of the project.

We will talk to you to know about your product, principles, business objectives, marketing activities.

We will find effective and interesting ways of telling your messages via images.

Photographing transparent objects is not an easy task but when done well it really shines.
We have done it several times and with a lot of different products and shapes.

There are many ways to present this type of product and I would like to suggest you see these pages: transparency-on-glass/

There are many times when we want the product with a white or transparent background. We normally remove the background to remove any distractions from the product itself. 

The removal of the background requires the manual selection of the edges of the product and “mask” them out.

This is a manual task that requires more time during the retouching phase but produces incredible results.

Have a look at this article and see the result.

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