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Whipper Large and Small Front View

This product is great to prepare merengues, pancakes and whipped cream. It only needs you to move it up and down.

It has some gear inside the head that makes the blades to run when you move the handle up and down. Simple, very clever and performs very well.

For this client, we created a series of photos showing the smaller and larger versions of the product in their totality, on multiple angles and some close-ups of the most important parts.

These are known as white background photography and e-commerce photography. We photograph the product using a single colour background that is often white. Using Photoshop, we manually mark the edges of the product with a pen and cut the product from the background. For some complex shapped products, this may take a couple of hours to do it well. The final result is a background that does not exist or it can take any colour or shape. In most cases, we use a perfect white as the background. 

In addition to the white-background photos, we created a few photos showing the power of the "blades" in movement.

These product can be purchased from several major retail stores or directly from the distributor:

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Click on the photos to see them larger. Please enjoy and leave a comment. 


Square Whipper Large Side View
Whipper Large Close up mechanism Top view
Whipper Large Close up mechanism low view
Whipper Large in action in Egg White
Whipper Large in action in whole Egg

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