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Business, industrial and commercial photography.

Let us help your business with our commercial advertising photos. Your business places, products, people and whatever makes you successful. Let your clients see you on the best light.

Commercial photography is a very broad definition

Let's dive into some of the most popular types

Dish Rack Four parts composite - Product photography for Amazon

Product Photography

E-commerce, Amazon and website advertising photography of products.

We have a dedicated area of the website and many articles about product photography on a white background and lifestyle. Click here to the main product photography page

Food photography of a chicken wrap 2

Food Photography

A special type of product photography where the food item is styled and ready for consumption.

Food photography is a specialization that includes food styling and in many cases props and backgrounds. We also have pages and articles dedicated to explain and show our work in this area. Please visit the main food photography page and News articles.

Warehouse view with shelves

External and Internal business and commercial areas

Images that cover your business areas, practices, equipment, storage, offices and people.

The aiming style is documental but from the best possible angle and light. It is to give your business clients a good but true representation of your business and services. This is super-effective advertising because your client believes in what they see and as a result, they believe in your business.

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Photography of external commercial and business buildings

Show your business and improve your brand credibility

Hospital entrance

There are many reasons you should consider photographing the business building where you operate. It helps your clients in locating your business, give then a perception of how prestigious your business is, its size and it all leads to them trust you and your business. These photos were done for a client that has consulting rooms in these hospitals. They are very well known and important hospitals in Melbourne. They tell the client that this client is in a convenient and comfortable place.

Hisense Arena
Commercial photography facrtory storage towers 2
Commercial photography building and busines sign

Another great reason to include external photos of your building is to show its size and that you are capable of operating at a high capacity and volume. Even small businesses should consider having some photos of their external areas including parking spaces.

Wantirna Club External - Commercial advertising photography sample

Inside your business premises

All about your work, service, people and product

Commercial photography sample - Wantirna Club food preparation area

You know your services and products are good and we want to show it. Show how you do what you do, how good looking your product is, how large and nice your place is and in some cases, it is good to show how the clients feel in your business.

Commercial photography sample - Wantirna Club meeting room
Commercial photography sample - Wantirna Club clients holding hands
Hisense Australia Showroom
Cooking teaching at Kuche Food
Commercial photography doctor in operating room

More about commercial photography

Learn more about our style, costs, preparation, available options and business considerations.

We will bring all equipment required. It includes not only cameras and lenses but also lights, reflectors and even models and props. 

We will photograph following a shooting list that is created during the planning of the project.

The images are transferred to a large iPad where the client will be able to see the results seconds after the click. This is super important to ensure that at the end of the day we have all images we need to and at the required quality.

The client contribution during the shooting improves the quality speed and cost of the production.

Jose is the main photographer in the studio and he is an accredited, full-time professional photographer (accreditation from AIPP – Australian Institute of Professional Photography) and a master of photography but this is not the main reason.

Jose takes care of all details since the planning up to the retouching. He is a great person to work with and a person that tries to always provide a fantastic service and super WOW results.

We believe that only business with the quality of services and products as an absolute un-negotiable item in the core of their beliefs can survive and grow in the long run.

Quality photos sell more, at a better price and improve the brand image.

Many commercial professional photographers call any photography activity that is done for a commercial or industrial client as commercial photography.

These are the main subcategories we used in this site:

  • Advertising Product photography (e-commerce and lifestyle)
  • Food photography
  • Business events photography
  • Business and commercial photography

We call commercial photography or business photography the jobs that have the objective of promoting the business and its services and products. 


Commercial photography is a super broad term used by many that describe all photos that somehow are related to a business. It may include the sub-categories such as food photography, product photography, advertising photography and events photography.
The photos are normally used to support advertising activities and brand image improvements.
Jose Aguiar is the main photographer of Zoom Studio and he has more than 10 years of commercial photography experience in Melbourne.

At least one photo for each important aspect of your business. We suggest creating a list of messages that you need to tell your client and possible photos that would tell the message.

Message: Substantial-sized business production area. Photos: Overall office and warehouse photos

Message: Care of details when producing product A. Photos: Close-up of employee handling product A.

Message: Our clients have fun or are happy when in our business. Photos: Real clients or models interacting, looking into each other and enjoying the environment.

Clients interacting in a bar



The price varies based on the number of photos, complexity, style, time, distance, number of people required and retouching requirements.

In general, if the client orders a large number of photos, the individual image price is reduced as the overall production cost does not increase linearly (volume discount).

The best way to get the best results at the lowest price is to plan the project well.

Give us a call and we can talk about the features of your product, styles, target public, media and send you an obligation-free quote.

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