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Why WordPress and Elementor

810 million websites use WordPress - 43.1% of all websites
161.6 million websites use Woocommerce
8.7 Million sites using Elementor

Our offer

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Custom-designed websites that will work for your company. Sell your products, educate your clients and improve your brand image.

Our work covers only what you need and when you need it. Full disclosure of our activities, and costs. You are always in control.

We have developed sites times for ourselves and clients for years and have learned what works and how to get it done the right way.

main features

After an initial consultation, you will receive a service proposal with price, duration, stages, deliverables and contingencies.   

Some of our work

Zoom Studio

This is this site. A site with 232 pages and posts and with 2724 images about photography and video production. 

Zoom Studio Home
Zoom Studio Home
Zoom Studio Articles
Zoom Studio Articles

Healthy Home Products

A large e-commerce site of home products such as laundry, bathroom, kitchen and floor clearners.

Healthy Home Products Home page
Healthy Home Products Home page
Healthy Home Products Product Page
Healthy Home Products Product Page
Healthy Home Products Category page
Healthy Home Products Category page
Healthy Home Products Shop Category page
Healthy Home Products Shop Category page


E-commerce site of home accessories and distributor of air conditioner automation and air monitoring devices. 

Appliancepro home page
Appliancepro home page
Sensibo Page
Sensibo Page
Under Development Appliancepro Aura Air page
Under Development Appliancepro Aura Air page
Under Development Appliancepro Home page
Under Development Appliancepro Home page

Oakgrove Furniture

Site of a large business-to-business furniture manufacturer. 

Oakgrove furniture home page
Oakgrove furniture home page
Oakgrove furniture Products page
Oakgrove furniture Products page

Art at Zoom Studio

Under development e-commerce site to sell art wall products.

Art at Zoom Studio - Web Development sample page
Art at Zoom Studio - Web Development sample page
Art at Zoom Studio Product page
Art at Zoom Studio Product page

How do we work

1 - Initial meeting

Let us know your ideas, what you have already done, the images you have, articles and text, the objective of the site, your advantages, number of pages and products.

If you already have a structure of the site such as product categories, type of services and the main page contents, and the look-n-feel, please let us know as well in this meeting.

We will discuss the amount of interaction and help from your team we will require and which activities you would like us to handle to your team or person to do. 

2 - Written proposal approval

After our meeting and after analyzing the available assets (images, text, etc), we will be able to propose solutions with costs, time, and alternatives.

We will send this proposal and if required we may have a second meeting.

When we have the scope well defined, we will be able to 

3 - Development and implementation

During this phase, we will need to get your feedback and approval of the first pages, the colors, fonts, and sizes. After that point, we will contact you to report on the progress and share pages.

We will have a quick meeting before the site goes live for any final adjustments. 

What we will talk about

The domain is the name of your website. We can direct you to where to register and advise you on what to put in that name.

We have used several hosting companies for our sites and for our clients. The selection of the appropriate size of the hosting package, where the servers physically are located, the amount of memory, disk allocated and speed of CPU and messages are all important for a performing site. We can advise you and do all the technical installations on the hosting you select.  

Most of the hosting packages come with email servers as well. We can help if you want to migrate your email to the same environment.

It may sound like an easy question but it is never that simple.

We will talk about this at the first meeting as it is important for a good site to meet its primary and secondary objectives.

In many cases, the aim is to sell products and services but you may also want to improve engagement, and your brand’s image, reduce product support costs, educate your clients to increase customer satisfaction, and other objectives.

WordPress is a software (CMS content management system) that provides the bases to install a Theme and plugins to have pages and posts.

A Theme gives the site a look-n-feel and normally comes with a series of pages that can be customized. 

Elementor is a very user-friendly and powerful page builder. It comes with a “theme builder” that allows you to create templates for parts of the site.

The use of templates makes development faster, better, and easier to maintain and change.  

Assets are text, images, logos, and videos that will be used on the site.

We will be able to prepare your images to the best size and compression and help with where and how to use videos on the site.

If you need more photos or videos, we will also be able to advise you on the best options based on your objectives.

All assets are important for the site to rank well (SEO). We will talk about how to have the names of images and videos.

SEO work or search engine optimization are terms that refer to how often a page is shown on a search engine query. It is how well it scores compared to other sites.

Which position will your page be shown on a search engine results page for a specific query?

How often your pages will appear organically (not paying) on the first page is determined by a lot of factors.

The most important of these factors are:

  • Relevance of the content of the page for the search term
  • Speed of the page
  • Your domain prestige
  • Site structure
  • A number of links (complementing information related to the query).

It is very good to have the pages, images, and text connected to your main search terms from day one. 

To have all the functionality we need, all WordPress sites use plugins.

We will suggest and configure plugins for securing the site against hackers (firewall).

We will talk about keeping the site backups, updates of plugins, and updated for WordPress. 

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