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Awesome quality printing in some of the best museum fine art paper and by a 12-colours inkjet printer.


210 x 297 mm
27 $ GST included
  • Fine art paper
  • Canson, Ilford & Epson papers
  • Matt, pearl or glossy
  • Expert advice on paper selection
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297 x 420 mm
40 $ GST included
  • Fine art paper
  • Canson, Ilford & Epson papers
  • Matt, pearl or glossy
  • Expert advice on paper selection


420 x 594 mm
63 $ GST included
  • Fine art paper
  • Canson, Ilford & Epson papers
  • Matt, pearl or glossy
  • Expert advice on paper selection

Larger sizes

$ Will send quote
  • Fine art paper, canvas, metal, acrylic, etc
  • Matt, pearl or glossy
  • Expert advice on paper and image preparation

What is important to you? Which photos do you have that puts a smile on your face?

Print the special photos of your trips, your family and friends on the best photography paper with us. You will not believe how good they look on these special papers. 

Are my photos good to print?

We will tell you about any quality problem we can not fix and will give suggestions. Just send us the image on the highest resolution you have and leave the rest to us. 

Shipping cost

We only charge you what we pay for Australian Post. Most large prints will cost approximately $18. Contact us for options.

Why print with us.

Steps to print with us

Contact us by message or phone

Give us a call or send a message. We will talk about the image, paper options, retouching, sharpening and how much help you need preparing the image, etc.

Prepare file and upload

Following our instructions, upload the files to print using a secure folder.

Sent to you the prints

We will invoice you and send the prints after making sure they are just perfect.

Paper selection? No worries, we can help.

We can suggest which paper is best for each photo based on the size, subject and file resolution.

Papers we love and always have in stock:

Canson® Infinity Baryta Prestige 340gsm is comprised of an acid-free alpha-cellulose and cotton white paper base with a true barium sulphate coating. It is a smooth Baryta Gloss paper which evokes the look and aesthetic feel of traditional darkroom papers. 


The paper characteristics are truly unique: providing excellent durability, outstanding black optical density (D-max), and superb image sharpness. The paper offers a good level of flatness, excellent surface homogeneity, very good cuttability, and its printed and non-printed surfaces differ only very slightly in glossiness. It offers an extraordinary wide gamut which improves colour reproduction and increases visual impact.


Canson® Infinity Baryta Prestige is an innovative product for the more discerning photographer and printmaker, whether creating black and white or colour archival prints.


Technical specifications

For the Baryta Prestige product

Weight (gsm) 340

Thickness (um) 370

Surface feel Extra smooth

Surface finish Gloss

Composition Alpha-cellulose and cotton

CIE Whiteness 112

ISO 2471 Opacity 99

Internally buffered Yes

Acid free paper Yes

OBA content Very low

Drying time immediate

Water resistance High

Additional comments – Paper base permanence meets the

ISO 9706 requirements.

– Contains barium sulphate

– Optimised for pigmented inks.

Compatible with dye inks.

Canson ® Infinity Platine Fibre Rag is the combination of the premium 100% cotton Platinum paper that Canson has supplied for many years to the original Platinum and Platine photographic market, with the latest microporous coating, making the traditional darkroom paper now available for your digital printing.

Setting the benchmark for Digital Darkroom papers, Platine Fibre Rag provides the aesthetic and feel of the original F-Type Baryta Fibre paper, having a true pure white tone without using optical brighteners that are known to affect the longevity of digitally produced images.

Platine Fibre Rag’s extremely high Dmax and exceptional grey tones make it the product of choice for the more discerning black and white as well as colour photographic prints.

Technical specifications

For the Platine Fibre Rag product

Weight (gsm) 310

Thickness (um) 395

Surface feel Smooth

Surface finish Satin

Composition 100% cotton

CIE Whiteness 89,12

ISO 2471 Opacity 99.3

Internally buffered Yes

Acid free paper Yes

OBA content None

Drying time immediate

Water resistance High


This 100% cotton printing paper manufactured on a cylinder mold is available in the Canson® Infinity Digital Fine Art & Photo line. Canson® Infinity PrintMaKing Rag (BFK Rives) has a unique pure white without optical brighteners and an incomparable, fine and silky touch. Paper base meet the requirement of ISO 9706.
Weight (gsm): 310
Thickness (um): 513
Surface feel: Soft textured
Surface finish: Matte
Composition: 100% cotton
CIE Whiteness: 82,35
Internally buffered: Yes
Acid free paper: Yes
OBA content: None
Drying time: immediate
Water resistance: High

Canson® Infinity Rag Photographique is a 100% cotton museum grade white Fine Art and photo paper. The exceptional smooth white tone is achieved during manufacturing by introducing natural minerals to the process. It has been developed to address the need for continued longevity requirements in the Digital Fine Art market.

Rag Photographique offers a unique extra smooth surface with a sensual feel. It also provides one of the highest achievable Dmax currently available on the market, making it ideal for fine art photography as well as fine art printmaking.

Weight (gsm): 210 or 310
Thickness (um): 323 (210 gsm) / 466 (310gsm)
Surface feel: Smooth
Surface finish: Matte
Composition: 100% cotton
CIE Whiteness: 91,33 (210 gsm) / 89,80 (310 gsm)
Acid free paper: Yes
OBA content: None
Drying time: immediate
Water resistance: High
– Paper base meet the requirement of ISO 9706

Description from Ilford:


Key Benefits:

  • Traditional photo fibre base
  • Look and feel of traditional baryta photo paper
  • High quality black and white and colour images
  • Wide colour gamut for vivid images
  • Perfect for digital toning
  • Excellent sharpness

Product Description

GALERIE Gold Fibre Silk features an inkjet layer coated directly onto a true baryta (barium sulphate) layer and fibre base to produce images with exceptional gamut for vivid colour reproduction as well as creamy whites and velvety blacks for the unique look of traditional silver halide photo paper.

The media creates high definition images with an extended tonal range and excellent archival properties making it a must for exhibition quality prints. This versatile media is perfect for colour images with vibrancy and depth or for producing a sympathetic re-creation of a traditional black and white image. As with true black and white images, the photographer can create the look of chemically toned sepia, gold, selenium and blue images but unlike chemical toning, the number of variations is only limited by the photographer’s imagination.

My description: It is a great paper for vibrant images, great colours and blacks. Super crisp details. 


Other services:

Contact sheet B&W negatives

Scan printed photos slides and negatives

There are many options to scan your old photos. The results are amazing!

Painting Reproduction in Studio

Reproduction of your painting or drawing

If you have an original painting or drawings, we can photograph them in our studio for perfect reproductions.

Retouch, image corrections and restorations

Old photos damaged, dust spots and faded colours are only a few of the things we can fix if required.





The following instructions are only required if you use Photoshop or Lightroom. If not, just contact me and I will help you.

Printing file preparation - Photoshop (If you use Photoshop)

Photoshop Image 16 bit and RGB

1 - Verify your file colour and bit size. Select RGB and 16 bits (8 Bits is ok too).

File Size Preparation Photoshop

2 - Adjust your image size to your print size and select 360 dpi (dots per inch).

In most cases, the original size will be bigger than the resized printing size. That means that your photo has more resolution than it is required by the printer. (image size xxxx (was xxx)).Note that for you will only be able to change the resolution of the image if you tick the "resample" tickbox. If your image does not have sufficient resolution for the size you require printing with at least 170 dpi, consider printing it smaller or ask us to help with the image. There are a few things we may do to improve the quality of low res images.

3 - Safe image as JPG and Max Quality with the Adobe RGB profile embedded into the file.


Save As TIFF Color Embeded

3 - Safe image as TIFF, untick the Layers and include the colour profile.

Printing file preparation - Lightroom

LightRoom Export JPG

1 - Export as JPG. Enter the print size and resolution, select the paper type and the sharpenning. If available, please select Adobe RGB colour.


Lightroom Export TIFF

1 - Export as TIFF. Enter the print size and resolution, select the paper type and the sharpenning. If available, please select Adobe RGB colour.


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