Lifestyle and white-background product photographed for Amazon e-commerce. Reflective, transparent and multi-texture product.

I am very proud of the results of this project and will explain some of the reasons here.

When the client told me about the product over the phone, I did not imagined how cool and how challenging it would be to photograph.

In addition of been a transparent product, the skull globe decanter has a shape that reflects everything around it. I had to show the glass quality and texture of the timber frame as well. 

It took me a bit of time to get the correct exposure balance for highlight and dark areas to get the best colour for the timber frame and wiskey and I think the results are quite good.

I am very happy with all the equipment and lights we have in the studio. I could move the reflectors, windows and blockers around to create only the reflections we want. 

The lifestyle images are my favourite. Do you like them? Leave a comment.

The products are already available for purchase on-line on Amazon US.

Search for "Skull global decanter infused set with gift box".

I hope you enjoy the photos.

Click on the photos to see them larger. Please enjoy and leave a comment. 

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Infused front with two cups and whiskey

Close-up of the product while in use is super important

The close-up photos show the colour, reflection and transparency of the product. In this sample, you can see how well carved is the cup and how it looks like with a good whisky inside.

Click on the images to see all the details.

Infused Closeup cup - Sample of Amazon Product Photography
Infused closeup skull - Sample of Amazon product phography
Infused Seal of cap with hand - Sample of product phography for Amazon
Infused Lifestyle Books and Music
Infused Main Amazon Photo with Whisky - Sample of Product Photography for Amazon

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