Lifestyle and white-background product photographed for Amazon e-commerce. Black product and complex shape.

When the client contacted me and we were planning the studio photo session, he said that he had selected me because of the way I photograph black products. This is something interesting. He said that I show well the dark areas in black products. 

I really pay a lot of attention on how much details I should show on the shadow’s areas, regardless of the colour of the product. When the product is black, I need to show it is black and black products have dark shadows as well. How much black the product really is?

Our vision and our mind play tricks on us. When we see a white object, we think it is white but most times it is just a very light grey. The same happens with black objects. When we place a very white and a very black objects side by side, we increase our perception of how black the black is and how white the white is.

The cameras cannot capture all the dynamic range of colours and brightness we can "see" with our eyes and mind. So, selecting the amount of dark grey that looks like the dark grey of the product is super important. This requires a precise measure of the incident light.

Well, I love technical aspects of my profession and how to apply them to the desired final image. I could keep writing about it a lot but, I will probably be too boring for most people. If you want to send me a question or a comment, please write at the bottom of this post.

I hope you enjoy the photos.

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Dish Rack Barkii Product and Box

Close-ups help in showing the quality of its material and the brand.

The close-up photo of black product on a white background and on a black backgroud.

Click on the image to see all the details.

Dish Rack Barkii Closeup logo white background
Dish Rack Barkii logo closeup with black background
Dish Rack Barkii Product in use dry plates
Dish Rack Barkii with casual beige dinner set
Dish Rack Barkii cups drying over mat
Dish Rack Barkii Cutlery containers large parts
Dish Rack Barkii Rack only 45 degrees
Dish Rack Barkii Water drip tray

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