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Short product videos

Rotating table videos

Instructional videos

Artistic videos

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Creative advertising product videos

Let's develop the ideas together

Creative product videos are an effective marketing tool to enhance your brand, tell a story, and as a decorating background video as in this example. 

We can use elements such as smoke, light, colors, water, sand, stones, and multiple backgrounds. Let’s get our imagination flow.

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Short product videos

Shows how to use quick and efficiently

These are super short and direct videos that can display how to wear or use a product efficiently. They can also highlight the product’s features.

We can film how to turn the product on and off, replace parts, clean it, or show anything that can assist your clients in better understanding your product.

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Rotating table videos

Show all sides

The rotating table is a good way to show every part of your product. It spins around so you can point at things and look at them from different angles. 


When we put the video on the website as we did in this example, the person looking at it has to watch the whole thing. There is no need to do anything else like clicking or moving the mouse.

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Instructional & training videos

Simply the best for customer satisfaction and sales

Training and technical videos provide a great return on investment. They help clients and internal teams save time and improve satisfaction. These videos are also great to share on social media to boost your brand and sales.

We have produced training and technical videos that demonstrate how to use our products, highlight their technical advantages, and troubleshoot common problems.

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Animation videos

Simple and effective

“It is an interesting way to showcase your product in action. We capture a series of frames, and in each one, we move one or more elements a bit. This technique can exhibit all sides of a product and demonstrate how to use it. Additionally, it can be used as a cool slideshow on the background layer of your website.”

Corporate events videos

Our service starts when you call us.

We will discuss your needs and options. Every event is different and may require or benefit from multiple cameras, microphones, and lights.

Once you agree to the written agreement with all the details, costs, licenses, and options, we will allocate all necessary professionals and equipment.

On the day of the event, we arrive early to set up the lights, sound, and video equipment, and we test everything. We record all the required parts of the event.

Most clients require some basic post-processing services. These include synchronizing audio files, cutting out unattractive and unnecessary parts, cutting the videos into chapters such as “president speech” and “awards presentation,” correcting video exposure, color, and sharpness, and enhancing audio quality.

Additionally, we often cut a short version of the event, include polished transitions and b-roll images and video clips, add subtitles and lower-thirds, and mix background music or sound.

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Quality video and audio at an affordable price

Record your events with a reliable, affordable, and high-quality company.

We will advise you of the options and costs, suggest editing, and even guide you on where to promote the videos.

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we work

This phase covers all activities required before the shooting day. It is when the project is detailed and cost. We can assist our clients in all these activities:

  • Definition of the target client, objectives, stories and success factors
  • Scripting and storyboarding
  • Casting talents, voice over artists and musicians and all personnel
  • Find places, equipment, props and all materials
  • Write contracts, talent permissions and location permissions
  • Explore possible production alternatives to cut costs or reduce risks.

At the end of this phase, the client will know with great certainty all costs and most of the production details, including the efforts for the next two phases.

It starts just after the approval of the previous phase. These are the main tasks:

  • Confirm booking date and time for all equipment, location and personnel
  • Distribute all text and documents required by the team in advance of the shooting date, including the shooting schedule and script
  • Film day.
  • Manage and verify the completion of each task by each person of the team. That means checking the raw footage, audio recording, b-rolls against the scripts and storyboards. Basically, to be sure that we have all we need.

Most clients require at least these basic post-processing services

  • Synchronize audio files from multiple microphones to their video files
  • Cut the video clips following the scripts for each video.
  • Add auxiliary video clips (B-rool), text, transitions, or whatever is necessary for the internal subdivisions such as “basic operations”, “troubleshooting”, “tips”, etc.
  • Correct video exposure, colour, sharpness and any technical corrections.
  • Enhance audio quality by mixing channels, removing background noise and balancing it all.
  • Cut a short version of the chapters that can be used as highlights.
  • Include polished transitions
  • Include company logo
  • Add subtitles and lower-thirds if required
  • Mix background music or background sound
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