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Candles, creams and bottles with soft shadows on a natural white background.

Mangrove Magic Group
Mangrove Magic Group

These products smell so well! I love photographing them.

We have photographed other products for this client in the past and it is so good to know that they liked our work and came back for more.

Technically, these products are deceptively easy to photograph. Note that I have lit the side of the bottles a bit more than the middle to give a good idea of the size and proportions of the bottle. It also required good control of the light to capture the flame of the candle and expose correctly the other products. 

Note also that I prefer to leave the white background for group photos and show them with natural shadows and reflections from each product.  For single products, the removal of the background is a good option.

It is so good to see a natural and high-quality product developed and produced in Melbourne. I have used them myself and recommend them.

Search for “Good Riddance Insect Repellent” to buy online.

Have a look at our Product Photography page.

Click on the image to see it larger. Please leave a comment and contact us.

Mangrove Magic Group
Mangrove Magic Group

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