Lifestyle and e-commerce advertising photos showing the product main features and advantages.

One super-efficient way of advertising your product is to show it in use. This product is demonstrated in fairs and shops all around Australia. It has a great capacity to absorb liquids and this is its main feature and what we were trying to capture here.

Sometimes we need more than one photo to document the show the product in use but there is always one photo that tells well the story. This one on the right is one that represents well the product. It shows the size and texture of the product while also tell us that the product will hold that amount of liquid. It tells what it is and what it does. The other photos prove that the product works.

Another important aspect when advertising a product is to expand the amount of people that may be interested in the product or that can use the product. We show here that the product is great around the house but also to dry a car.

These photos were done by the professional photographer Jose Aguiar APP M.Photog in the studio in Wantirna South, Melbourne

I hope you enjoy the photos.

Search the web for "Shammy Pro" and you can buy them on-line. You will see this product on large retail shops as well.

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Shammy Pro Demo with Blue liquid in Bowl Shammy dry - Demo style advertising photo

A sequence of photos showing the product in use.

Shammy Pro Demo with Blue liquid in Bowl 3 steps composite - Sample of photo sequence of demonstrating products

Other samples of sequence of photos demonstrating the product

Click on the image to see all the details.

Shammy Pro Carpet demo wider 3 steps same image - Sample of in-use advertising photography
Shammy Pro Demo with Pepsi 3 Steps composite - Sample of product photography as demonstration of features

Lifestyle photos - Product in use

ShammyPro Lifestyle car washing 3 - Advertising phtoography of product in use
ShammyPro Lifestyle car washing 4 - Advertising product photography of product in use

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