Plants product photography – Melbourne Australia

Garden plants in the studio. Multiple types and sizes

It is not often that we have such a variety and volume of products, each one with its own “personality”.

The team from Plants for Spaces arrived in a big truck full of plants and we photographed them all over 3 days.

We used a large covered area to sort and store the plants and another smaller area to prepare and clean each pot and plant before entering the studio. Almost like a production line in a factory.

We had a person that is an expert on the species preparing and naming each plant. We then could tick each plant from a list and managed to create the necessary group photos.

The client sells a series of plant packages and we photographed the group showing one species of each plant on the package. 

The client’s participation in this project was super important and it was a pleasure having them all here. We all worked hard but the results were very good.

Google “Plants for Spaces” and you will see all their products and packages. It is a very interesting and user-friendly way to buy a new garden.

These photos were taken in our studio in Wantirna South – Melbourne by Jose Aguiar APP M.Photog.

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