Amazon product photography of one-gallon drinking bottle

Stag & Raven in the Gym - Lifestyle photography of water bottle for Amazon ecommerce site

This is a very nice water bottle that fits one gallon (3.7 litres) of water but the part that I like best is the marks with the hours of the day. It helps you keep track of the amount of water you have had during the day.

I always try to have each product photo with a single and clear message. There are photos that tell you about the shape of the bottle, others about the large opening, others on how they are useful on different places and occasions. 

There are many lifestyle images on Amazon and other sites that include too much of the environment that they want to create. It creates distractions from the product. When you ask yourself "what is the photo about", and your answer does not start with "the product on...", you probably included too many elements. 

I prefer lifestyle photos that include only one or two props and backgrounds that indicate where the product is used. Every time we add a new element on the photo, we share the photo area with one more item and it reduces the power of the main product.

These photos are a good example of how we can show all features and a few nice uses of the product with quality and believability.

The commercial photographer Jose Aguiar APP M.Photog photographed this product on our studio in Wantirna South.

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Stag & Raven Bottle in hand - Lifestyle Product Phtoography for Amazon

Close-up of the product features

Stag & Raven Closeup cap - Product photography for Amazon
Stag & Raven hand and ice - product photography for Amzon

Other photos of the product and more lifestyle product photography samples.

Stag & Raven In the office with keyboard - Lifestyle Product Photography for Amazon sample
Stag & Raven with Orange and Ice - Lifestyle Product Photography for Amazon
Stag & Raven Front high view on white background - Product photography for Amazon
Stag & Raven Picnic lifestyle - Product phtoography for Amazon

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