Product photography of a metallic BBQ brush for Amazon website with complex edges

BBQ Brush full product on reverse angle - sample for Amazon website

Every product we receive to photograph has its own particular features and characteristics. This is no exception.

The first thing I ask the client is about the features of the product. What is interesting and important. It helps with deciding which angle and with light to use. 

This product has a long handle that makes it easy to use and brings more power to the cleaning. This is shown on the main image and the opposite side full product picture.

The head of the product has thousands of metal bristles. We show here their density and their capacity to enter on grooves. 

In most product photos, we remove the background during retouching. This is to remove any distracting element from the product and to give the background a pure white look. This process is done manually. We select the areas that need to be preserved and the ones that will disappear (become transparent).

In this case, the removal of all the background around the thousand bristles required a detailed and precise retouching work.

I am very proud of the results. Click on the photos to see them larger.

You will find this product on Amazon Australia in the next few weeks.

These photos were done by the commercial professional photographer Jose Aguiar on our studio in Wantirna South (Melbourne).

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BBQ Brush on grill closeup of head side view - Sample lifystyle product photography

More views of the product's features

The fantastic removal of the background of products with complex edges

BBQ Brush - lifestyle photo on grill - Product photography for Amazon site
BBQ Brush close-up of hanging cord - Product photography for Amazon Site
BBQ Brush closeup of head on white background for Amazon site

Close-up of details

BBQ Brush closeup of back of the head showing bristles - Product photo for Amazon site

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