Teeth Whitening advertising product photography for website

Light and transparency in advertising product photography for a website

These products were interesting to photograph. They have reflections, lights, and a lot of transparency, and are black and white. I had to try a series of angles for the main lights and balance the filling light to get just the right shadows.

I did not know how the product works and it is quite interesting. You place the mouthpieces on a warm cup of water and they will become soft and malleable. You then place them in your mouth to create a personalized mold where the whitening gel will be placed.

You put the mold in your mouth and light the device. The blue light reacts to the gel and makes your teeth whiter.

Note how we have created highlight areas and shadows to give a better separation from the background for the transparent items. We used a large strip reflector on the metal surface to create a nice white reflection. 

These photos were taken by Jose Aguiar, the main photographer at Zoom Studio.

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