Lifestyle advertising photos are the best way to show product features.

Table Cloth on table lifestyle lunch set- Product photography

When we get a product to photograph, we start by ask all we can about the product. We want to know what is made of, how it is used, the main features and why they are special.

Some products such as this one, we already know what a table cloth is and what is it used for but there is always something special in each product, regardless of how common it is.

This table cloth is made of a mix of cotton and linen and the colors are just calm and natural. The texture, nice colours and natural fibres give it a modern, natural look.  

Most of the clients that sell on Amazon, Ebay, Catch-of-the-day and other sites need top quality photos to differentiate their products. They need something that makes the client to click on their product when multiple products thumbnails are side-by-side. We decided to contrast the calming blue colours with the exciting red cup to give it a nice "click-in-me".

Note that in all photos we tried to enhasize the colours and texture of the fabric and all the props are placed to help without competing to attention.

One super-efficient way of advertising your product is to show it in use. This product is demonstrated in fairs and shops all around Australia. It has a great capacity to absorb liquids and this is its main feature and what we were trying to capture here.

These photos were also done in our studio in Wantirna South, Melbourne by the professional photographer Jose Aguiar APP M.Photog. 

I hope you enjoy the photos.

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Table Cloth Texture and details - Close-up product photography sample

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