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The professional photographer explains the difficulties in photographing reflective products.

Knifes Group - Product photography sample
Knifes Group - Product photography sample

These knives are special. They are super sharp and they keep sharp regardless of what you do with them. They are amazing but this job was special to me on a much more personal level.

The knives are special because they showed me how challenging product photography can be and how good (or not so good) my studio lighting technique is.

When I was contacted by the client to photograph the knives, I had estimated that it would be a “medium” difficulty product due to its reflections. I have photographed several metal and reflective items and was not expecting this product to be harder than the ones I photographed before. 

Soon after I positioned the lights and took the first testing shots, I noticed the product was much harder to photograph than I anticipated. The size of each knife and its curves, engravings, sharp edges, and grooves made me keep moving and repositioning the lights several times.

When I finally adjusted everything for one knife, I had to do it again for the next one. The sizes and the angles are unique in each one and even a small angle change affected the final result.

Despite the difficulty of the product, it did not take me too long to find solutions for each issue. I was surprised by how fast I found in my head a solution and how many times it worked well with only a few fine adjustments.  It was a very good feeling to know how natural and fast I retrieved the knowledge of these years of professional photography work in the studio.


Filet Knife Single - Product photography sample
Filet Knife Single - Product photography sample

This product and this job are special for still another reason. The client was with me in the studio and told me the salesperson demonstrates the qualities of the knife by using it on a hammerhead and after cutting a tomato. It shows that the knife never loses its sharpness.

We replicated this demo in the studio and you can see the results here.

I liked so much one of the photos from this demo I entered it on the AIPP Australian Professional Photography Awards. It received a Silver Award in the commercial category.

A big thanks to the client that allowed me to enter their photos in the competition and to show them here.

These products can be purchased from several major retail stores or directly from the distributor. Search for “Forever Sharp Knives”.

If you need a product photographer in Melbourne, contact us.

Click on the photos to see them larger. Please enjoy and leave a comment

Longer Knife Blade Closeup View - Reflective product photography sample
Longer Knife Blade Closeup View - Reflective product photography sample
Knife Long cutting Tomato - Action Product photography sample
Knife Long cutting Tomato - Action Product photography sample
Longer Knife Blade Closeup View
Longer Knife Blade Closeup View

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