Professional Amazon product photographer explains how he created a beach scene in the studio during winter in Melbourne

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Floating Bean Bag Bed overview both sides - Amazon Product photo sample of two images combined together

What an interesting product! It is a large floating bean bag with the Australian Flag.

In addition to super sharp and nice product photos, this job also required some clever photos showing the product in-use. It is used as a floating bed on swimming pools and beaches but can also be used inside the house as a comfortable bean bed to watch tv. We captured it all inside our warm studio in Wantirna South in Melbourne. 

We could have taken the product and the model to a beach but, in Melbourne during winter, it is quite cold and wet. We decided to photograph it in our studio.  

To get the beach look, we got a pack of New Zealand river sand that is nice and clean and asked the professional model Georgia to help us. A bit of water and some creative posing and angles and the job was done.

For the beach scene, I included a beach photo from one of my trips to Brazil to be on the background.

This product will be available soon in Amazon Australia. 

If you need a great product photographer in Melbourne, contact us.

Click on the photos to see them larger. Please enjoy and leave a comment. 



Floating bean bag 3 features composite for Amazon ecommerce site
Filling floating bean bag using light stand to hold bean bag

This was the first time I used styrofoam beans. They fly everywhere and are very light.

We used 6 bean bags of 500gm to fill the bed and It takes quite some time to transfer all beans. They do not fall as fast as I imagined.

I used a light stand to hold the bags in place. It helped a bit but at the end, there were beans everywhere. Haha.



Floating bean bag zipper and Velcron Composite with text - Amazon product photography sample
Floating bean bag with measures and text - Amazon Product Photography sample
Georgia on the beach holding can on floating bean bad - Lifestyle photography for amazon e-commerce website
Bean Bag Bed with Georgia eating popcorn and watching TV - Lifestyle product photography for Amazon e-commerce website - Sample

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