Advertising photos for large items for a website

Castle Cubby-Group 1 - Advertising photo for website

This is a job from last year but did not have time to publish before.

We photographed these fantastic cubby houses inside the client's warehouse. It was a full day shooting to photograph all models with all accessories in a couple of angles.

We carried 5 or 6 studio flashes and multiple backgrounds and reflectors to be able to properly spread the light on all places required.

In order to be sure that we have done all photos required, we connected the camera into a computer and a large screen. 

It was great to photograph these products. A big thank you for the warehouse support team that installed and removed many accessories during the day.

These photos were done by the professional photographer Jose Aguiar APP M.Photog.

Click on the photos to see them larger. Please leave a comment. 

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Cubby Little_Pitched_Rec_6_Open advertising photography for website sample
Cubby Little_2 adverting photography for website sample

Other photos of the products showing the accessories - Click to see the larger.

Other Products

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Kids kitchen maxi - Advertising photo sample
Kids kitchen midi - Advertising photo sample

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