Mom’s blanket – Amazon Advertising lifestyle photography in Melbourne

Variety of lifestyle product photography and white background photos for Amazon

A large size, very colorful and delicate product that sells very well on Amazon

These are 3 other products from Anekha that are available on Amazon US. They were also designed in Australia and have new and better printing. All the fiber has the same color. It simply looks better.

These are super soft and large and carry very nice adjectives for a mother. It is a great way for a daughter or son to say “I love you” to their mother.

Note how we managed to show the softness and reflections of the velour of the blanket. The placement of the product on a double bed shows its size as well as a good way to read all messages.

Click here to see the daughter’s blanket article.

We photographed this product with the help of the professional model Melinda.

The client has other products on Amazon and knows the importance of good real photos. It was a pleasure to have Anekha’s team again here in the studio and their participation in the planning and shooting. We had to wait a few weeks for the lockdown to end but in the end, the results were quite good.

Search for “Anekha blanket mom” or copy and paste this address.

These photos were taken by Jose Aguiar APP M.Photog. in our studio in Wantirna South.

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