This is the first blog news for Zoom Studio and I think it is appropriate to talk a bit about the future and past as well.

Zoom Studio is the new name of Aguiar Photography. A business created 6 years ago when Jose Aguiar decided to work full time on photography and video productions. Jose was a photographer in Brazil many years ago where he had a studio and a photo lab.

Aguiar Photography has produced a large amount of high-quality photography and video work for companies of all sizes.

This change is not only a name change but a rebranding to emphasize some of the things we do best.

The name Zoom Studio is easy to remember and brings some important characteristics of our services. The speed we deliver, the attention to details and our constant interest in zooming into each project to deliver great sharp-perfect photos and videos.

In addition to the name change, we are bringing a new website with functionality to book portrait sessions online and purchase several types of product photography services.

We will keep with its articles and news for reference but will focus updates on this new site.

Aguiar Photography Blog and News page

To learn more about previous jobs done under the Aguiar Photography name, please visit:

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