Two silver awards in APPA 2015

The original article was written when Zoom Studio was named Aguiar Photography.

Why I sent these images to APPA 2015

Following from the previous post about the upside-down city of Diamantina, this article comments on the other photos.

This print has received a Silver award. The stairs create an optical illusion and it takes a few seconds to understand which part of the stair is going up or down. The metalwork is exquisite and the old hardwood fits very well with the building. (click to see it bigger)

Click in the image to see it larger.

Stairs-with-Silver Logo
Stairs-with-Silver Logo

Old timber and metal stair were photographed from under the stairs. Silver award APPA 2015. Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

This is a simple image that did not impress the judges well. I believe the judges are correct. It is a too simple image but I love it. The print shows signs of time. The story of a time when religion was more important than today. The church and the nice big clock are still resisting the time despite abandonment by the society shown by the grass and the distressed paintings. The composition is balanced and interesting with parallel lines, triangles and balancing details (columns on down on left and up on right).  The happy colour palette with the yellows and a blue sky gives hope while keeping it all true.

Perhaps it is only an old clock in an old church but I like it. Please send your comments. What do you see? Like?

Clock in old church 1
Clock in an old church

The clock of Saint Francis church in Sabara Minas Gerais Brazil

This portrait was taken in a very small village close to Milho Verde town that is also a very small place close to the city of Serro in Minas Gerais Brazil.

She is a very nice and religious woman. She takes care of herself with local herbal tea while waiting for the very rare doctor's visit to the community centre. She grows a few vegetables in the garden and has some truly free-range chicken. A simple and honest life.

For this print, I only desaturated the image and cropped it in order to show the window dividing the image in half. Her face, her look and her pose tells a lot. I love the texture of the old timber, her face and her hands.

What do you think?  Send me your comments.

Woman on window 1
Woman on window 1

The print on display:

Print on wall at Awards
Print on the wall at The Awards

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Srikanth Sharma
Srikanth Sharma

5 out of 5 stars

posted 5 days ago

I have Jose's services twice so far. The first time was to get some professional pictures taken for my career and social media. I was very impressed both with the quality of the pictures and Jose's professionalism. I booked his services again to do a few family pictures. The results was outstanding and my family loved it. Jose is very easy to work with, full of great ideas and shows real instinct in getting very creative results. Highly recommend him and I will use his services again.

Alyson King
Alyson King

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

Jose was an absolute pleasure to work with. Very professional and great with direction. He used the time wisely and the images turned out amazing. I highly recommend him. Thankyou Jose and I would love to work with you again soon.

Sue D
Sue D

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

We went to Zoom Studio in April this year to take a headshot for job applications. Had a great experience - Jose really took the time to understand what we needed from the photo, and spent a lot of time providing advice about how to pose and look the part of the job for which I am applying. He took a genuine interest in it and treated this as more than simply a job, providing lots of advice to help make the photo perfect. The photo looks absolutely fantastic. He provided a high resolution copy and a lower resolution one for uploading to websites etc. He also spent a lot of time touching up the photo and removing any unsightly spots. Very happy with the experience and the photo. All of this at a very reasonable price - we will certainly be back the next time we need a photo!

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