A professional model always need some fresh portraits

Male model portfolio sample 1.jpg

If you are a model or if you want to work as a model, you need a portfolio.

A good portfolio is more than a collection of old photos. It needs to be fresh or at least recent. It needs to have only good quality photos in a variety of poses.

We offer several portrait sessions packages for creative artists such as actors, models and musician. We have a 3-photo session package that is perfect to add fresh content and to fill-in missing poses and expressions.

A great portfolio, in my opinion, needs to show a variety of poses and expressions. The objective is to show to the casting agent, using only a few shots, you as you are.

In this article I am showing a few photos of Adytia and Paul. Note the variety of poses, expressions and background.

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Model Male full body model portfolio sample 2
Male model portfolio sample 2
Model Male full body model portfolio sample 1
Male model portfolio sample 5
Male model portfolio sample 7
Male model portfolio sample 6