Insect repellent creams and candles – advertising product photography

I have photographed for this client a few times before. They are a small company based on Melbourne that developed a range of products that are natural, of great quality, smell great and really work. I have tested them myself and are first on my traveling bag. Mainly when we go to tropical places like Brazil and Vietnam.

I do not want to talk about the products here as you can google the product name and find all information there. The name is “Good Riddance”. I want to say is that the owner of this company Jeannie Lynch is a very good and hard working person and developed these great products. Prondly developed and produced in Australia.

When I started this business some 10 years ago, my aim was to produce only very high quality images. I still believe that only very high quality images would convince the client that the product is real and true. Building trust with your clients is super important for me as a business person and I suggest this for my clients as well. By producing real highly detailed product photos, the visitors of the site would trust what they see and will trust your brand and company.

I hope you enjoy the natural true shadows, reflections and textur of this photos. They are real.

Photos were done by me a commercial photographer. My name is Jose Aguiar. The studio is located in Wantirna South (30Km from Melbourne CBD).

Click on the images to see them larger. Please leave a comment and share. 

Good Riddance Candle single front Open With Flame – Product photography

Single products look great without the background. They still look very real without any distracting elements.

Group photos look great with natural shadows.

Good Riddance Package – Product Photography

Note the yellow lighting that the candle cast on the side of the bottle. Super nice!

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Good Riddance Pack 2 Ultimat Pack Square view – Product Photography

Details, texture, volume, shine areas, dark areas and edges. You can have it all!

Good Riddance Tropical 100ml single front on Commercial Advertising Product Photography

Good Riddance Lifestyle over timber boards – Commercial Advertising Product Photography
Good Riddance lifestyle timber and sand - Commercial Advertising Product Photography
Good Riddance lifestyle timber and sand – Commercial Advertising Product Photography

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Cargo monitoring mirror – Lifestyle advertising photography

This is a true and new Australian invention. In fact it was invented in Melbourne to solve a real problem.

Most tradespersons carry some material on the top or back of their truck and the driver can not see the cargo.

This is a simple but very useful product allowing the driver to monitor the cargo and identify if any of the holding straps are becoming loose or anything else is affecting the cargo.

It is very well designed with the sucking cups and the top mirror rotating and swinging to adjust to cars bonnet angles.

If you want to read more and buy it, please search for “cargo watchdog” or copy and paste this address:

The photography project was divided into two parts, one inside the studio and the other lifestyle photos were done outside. We used a tradies truck with real cargo. So, what you see in these photos are all real.

Photos were done by the commercial photographer Jose Aguiar. Our studio is located in Wantirna South (30Km from Melbourne CBD).

Click on the images to see them larger. Please leave a comment and share. 

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Watch Dog Cargo Mirror with hand removing mirror
Watch Dog Cargo Mirror Closeup locking parts

Watchdog Cargo Mirror on car side view
Watchdog Cargo Mirror on car showing cargo

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Commercial photography – Wantirna Club bristro, bar and food

Commercial photography for restaurants, bar and bistros

This is the second part of the article about the advertising photography work for Wantirna Club.

Here you can see photos from the bars, bristro, coffee area, food preparation area and some of their delicious food.

I would like to say a big thank you for the team from Wantirna Club that helps a lot on the preparation and execution of this project. A special thank you for Chris Grech, a great photographer that helped as my assistant on the day.

Read the other article here: /commercial-photography-wantirna-club-building/

I hope you enjoy the photos.

Click on the photos to see them larger. Please enjoy and leave a comment. 

If you need any photography or video production for your restaurant or bar, please contact us.



Bistro, restaurant and food preparation area

Food items

Commercial photography – Wantirna Club building and rooms

Commercial and advertising photos of an iconic local club

Wantirna Club is located in Wantirna South and it is an iconic business. A place that all locals know and is a great place to have a drink, have dinner or lunch with family and friends. They also have rooms for hire for parties and business events.

This was a big job. It took us 4 days of shooting to get all we needed.

We photographed 7 internal areas, the external areas of the building and lifestyle photos using clients and models.

The clients helped a lot with the models and checking and selecting the photos. I photographed with the camera connected to an iPad so the client and my assistant had access to the photo seconds after the click. We used the iPad to select and adjust items, angles and lighting to get the results we want.

In order to reduce the amount of time and to disturb less the normal activities of the club, we had two sets of lights ready at any time. While we were working on a room, we had the next room partially prepared. We only used battery-powered studio flashes to be able to move them around fast.

You can see in this article a few of the photos of the building, meeting rooms, party rooms and bar area. There is another article about the food, food preparation area and the bistro.

I hope you enjoy the photos.

Click on the photos to see them larger. Please enjoy and leave a comment. 

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Meeting and presentation rooms

External photos of building

Party and reception room

Silver Awards at 2019 APPA – Australian Professional Photography Awards

Judging and results

Category: Commercial Photography - Commissioned work - Prints

I am a great supporter of the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography) and the APPA (Australian Professional Photography Awards).

I believe the annual awards, both at the state level and national level, help a lot the professionals in improving their skills and the quality of the professional work they deliver. Improves the photography industry in general.

I have entered the AIPP - APPA awards for many years and have received several awards. See some of them here.  

During the last 3 years, I also judge a few categories at the AIPP - Victoria and New Zealand Professional Photography Awards. It is a great honour and privilege to contribute.

I admire and respect the comments of all judges. They are very experienced professionals. Each one with their own life experiences, interpretations and beliefs. It is always interesting to hear their reactions and comments.

All photos on this competition are prints with a minimum 25 cm on the longest size, so, what you see in this screen is not exactly what the judges have seen. I have always printed my own work in fine art paper and print for other photographers and clients as well. The impact of the image printed on a texturized paper or glossy paper under the judging lights is quite special and different from the image on a monitor. 

This year, for the first time, I decided to enter my commercial commissioned work on the competition instead of my more artistic self-commissioned travel and illustrative work.

I am very proud of the images I done for clients these last 2 years and decided to send them on the awards.

  • The Scores:

    60 to 69 - Approaching Professional Standard (Meets professional standards in some areas, but needs work in others.)

    70 to 79 - Professional Standard (Average to very good professional practice, but does not meet AIPP Awards criteria)

    80 to 84 - Silver Award (Exceeds normal professional practice, with high levels of communication, imagination, craft and skill).

    85 to 89 - Silver with Distinction

    90 to 94 - Gold Award

    94 to 100 - Gold with Distinction

It is was not easy to select the images to send.

There are many photos that are great in showing the client's product and great execution of the client's brief but, for an image to receive an award, it needs to show something extra, something special. 

We can only submit 4 images and the ones I selected are specials to me. I think they represent more than a high standard of professional practice regardless of the scores they received on the awards.

I would like to say a huge thank you to all my clients that allow me to show their photos on my website and entering competitions. In special the Australian Botanical Soap company, Kalinowski Jewellery and Forever Sharp Knifes.

Enjoy the images and watch the judging and their comments. It is very interesting when one image is challenged. One of them had an automatic challenge and an enormous score discrepancy. Great comments. 

Click on the images to see them larger. Leave a comment and share. Thanks. 

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Photography for construction and renovation. Commercial photography.

Internal and external building photography

This is another great work from CMJ Building and Constructions.

I have photographed for CMJ for a few years and it is always a pleasure to document these beautiful places and to meet and talk to the team.

If you need any renovation or building, search for CMJ Building and Construction. 

You will find them on FB, YouTube and on their own website.

If you need to photograph your building or house, call us.

Contact us for an obligation-free quote, fast and top-quality work.

This is a video produced by CMJ that uses some of the photos you will see here. Enjoy.

Click on the image to to see it larger. Please leave a comment.

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