White background photography and lifestyle. Are they both important?

White background photography. We all need it.

The client is selling this product on Amazon US and Amazon Australia. It is a great product and I have used it on my last trip. Good size, soft fabric and light.

Amazon allows only a very limited number of photos, so the client decided to purchase one lifestyle photo and invest more on the photos with white background.

The photos with a white background or that have had their background removed, are great to show the product without any distraction. We use them to specify what is included in the purchase as in the case of the main photo (top of page) where it shows the bag, ear plugs and eye mask. It is also the best way to show the size of the product as you can see in this photo.



Jera Travel Pillow with measurements for Amazon website

Lifestyle photography. Why do they work?

Jera Travel Pillow Product in use by model while reading book - Lifestyle amazon product photography sample

This lifestyle photography was selected by the client. It shows very well how the product fits in a person. It also introduces the idea that the product can be used at home when relaxing and reading a book.

Other lifestyle photos we prepared.

These lifestyle photos show a clear connection of the product with the activities related to travelling. It shows how the product can be carried and be part of the action.

Jera Travel Pillow lifestyle travel photo sample
Jera Travel Pillow lifestyle adventure sample

These two lifestyle photos were done inside a car showing the use of the product during car trips.

It was a cold and raining afternoon as it is typical of a Melbourne winter. We want to create an early afternoon scene and a night scene. I positioned the flashes in a way to create the lighting as if coming from the internal car light. To create the night effect I used the high speed on the camera and flashes to overpower the sun. We left the windows wet as it gave us nice reflections. 

Click on the images to see them larger.

Jera travel pillow advertising photo of girl sleeping in car during day - Sample Amazon Product photography
Jera travel pillow advertising photo of girl sleeping in car during night - Sample Amazon Product photography.jpg

It was a pleasure to photograph for Jera. 

Search for "jera travel pillow" on Amazon and you will see the other photos and can purchase the product.

If you need a product photographer in Melbourne, contact us.

Click on the photos to see them larger. Please enjoy and leave a comment. 

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