Gloves and plastic bags for health clinics and laboratories.

Advertising product photography for website

The client brought a series of cleaning and protection products they sell for labs and clinics. These products are very functional and our challenge was to show their features, materials texture, quality and size.

The first set of products were gloves of multiple materials and colour. Each type of glove has its use and characteristics. We selected a hand's position that is interesting without been awkward or ugly while still shows their filling and thickness. We included a few closeups to show the special texture on the finger tips. 

The cleaning cloths come out quite nice with the texture of the fabric.

The plastic bags for biological material are very interesting. Some are thick and strong, others transparent and strong. All are very large capacity and sometimes reflect more light that a photographer would like. Haha.

It was a pleasure to photograph for I hope you like it. 

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Click on the photos to see them larger. Please enjoy and leave a comment. 



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