Great glasses, cubes and a super nice black box. Is this a photographer's nightmare?

Read how the photographer captured the blacks, reflections and transparencies.

This was an advertising photography job for a client to be use on Amazon e-commerce. It was photographed in our studio in Melbourne by the commercial photographer Jose Aguiar.

This product is very nice. The cups and ice cubes are great and the box is super cool and very well produced. 

All reflective products are difficult to photograph, mainly when they have the shape of cups and bottles as they reflect a large area. When we add the fact that we also need to show their transparency while controlling the reflections, the difficult escalates even more.

In addition to the reflections and transparencies, we also had to show the quality of the box. The box is made of black material with matt areas, low sheen areas engravings and writing. 

The lifestyle photos were also done in our studio in Melbourne and the client has provided us with this full of personality barrel.

I love to see clients that invest in quality products. I enjoyed the technical challenges and the result I think represents well the product's quality. I hope you like it. 

These products are already available in Amazon Australia. Search for "Bar & Barrel amazon". 

If you need a product photographer in Melbourne, contact us.

Click on the photos to see them larger. Please enjoy and leave a comment. 



The box is so nice and the ice cubes are fantastic!

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