See our underwater and beach photos all done in the studio during winter in Melbourne

Read how the photographer captured the product under the water and on a beach.

This is another product that is used outdoors and mainly in summer that we photographed in the studio simulating beach scenes. This product is in fact two products. One is a case where you can put your mobile and swim with it. You can even operate the mobile under the water. You can take pictures with your own mobile while all wet in a beach.

The second product is a bag that is also waterproof. It has 3 zip locks to prevent the water to go inside. It is great to put your documents, watch and money and take with you everywhere. I see this product selling a lot this summer.

For the underwater photo, I used my own mobile and an aquarium and a bit of blue dye. It was good fun to play with the water and bubbles. 

The beach photo was also done in the studio with a bit of sand and some shells. This is my favourite. It is warm and shows well that you can count on this product for protection and just have fun.

The professional model is Georgia. It was a pleasure to work with her. Very professional and friendly.  I do not know if she enjoyed the constant water droplets. I have made the studio as warm as I could to accommodate with the summer apparel.

To show how the product can be used, we started placing the bag as a belt around the belly but Georgia said that it was not fashionable. The girls will probably use it crossed. I think she was right. It looks better that way.  I love when people that participate in the project give their opinion. 

The lighting for Georgia's photos is a simulation of the sun at the end of the day. Side and warm.

This product is already available in Amazon Australia. Search for "offshore drift bag". 

If you need a great product photographer in Melbourne, contact us.

Click on the photos to see them larger. Please enjoy and leave a comment. 



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