Silver Awards at 2019 APPA – Australian Professional Photography Awards

Judging and results

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I am a great supporter of the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography) and the APPA (Australian Professional Photography Awards).

I believe the annual awards, both at the state level and national level, help a lot the professionals in improving their skills and the quality of the professional work they deliver. Improves the photography industry in general.

I have entered the AIPP - APPA awards for many years and have received several awards. See some of them here.  

During the last 3 years, I also judge a few categories at the AIPP - Victoria and New Zealand Professional Photography Awards. It is a great honour and privilege to contribute.

I admire and respect the comments of all judges. They are very experienced professionals. Each one with their own life experiences, interpretations and beliefs. It is always interesting to hear their reactions and comments.

All photos on this competition are prints with a minimum 25 cm on the longest size, so, what you see in this screen is not exactly what the judges have seen. I have always printed my own work in fine art paper and print for other photographers and clients as well. The impact of the image printed on a texturized paper or glossy paper under the judging lights is quite special and different from the image on a monitor. 

This year, for the first time, I decided to enter my commercial commissioned work on the competition instead of my more artistic self-commissioned travel and illustrative work.

I am very proud of the images I done for clients these last 2 years and decided to send them on the awards.

  • The Scores:

    60 to 69 - Approaching Professional Standard (Meets professional standards in some areas, but needs work in others.)

    70 to 79 - Professional Standard (Average to very good professional practice, but does not meet AIPP Awards criteria)

    80 to 84 - Silver Award (Exceeds normal professional practice, with high levels of communication, imagination, craft and skill).

    85 to 89 - Silver with Distinction

    90 to 94 - Gold Award

    94 to 100 - Gold with Distinction

It is was not easy to select the images to send.

There are many photos that are great in showing the client's product and great execution of the client's brief but, for an image to receive an award, it needs to show something extra, something special. 

We can only submit 4 images and the ones I selected are specials to me. I think they represent more than a high standard of professional practice regardless of the scores they received on the awards.

I would like to say a huge thank you to all my clients that allow me to show their photos on my website and entering competitions. In special the Australian Botanical Soap company, Kalinowski Jewellery and Forever Sharp Knifes.

Enjoy the images and watch the judging and their comments. It is very interesting when one image is challenged. One of them had an automatic challenge and an enormous score discrepancy. Great comments. 

Click on the images to see them larger. Leave a comment and share. Thanks. 

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Amazon product photography – Essential oil diffuser

Essential oil diffuser for Amazon

Zoom Studio is a product photography studio in Melbourne but we receive products from all over Australia. This product came from the Northern Territory.

In addition to the product photos on white background, we also sourced all the props and styled the lifestyle photos.

These two products are interesting to photograph with their own technical challenges. The LED lights change colour and it takes precise lighting adjustments and camera exposure to capture both flash iluminated surfaces and the LED colours. That is not all, to capture the steam I had to position very precisely the light to create volume and background separation. I love the technical challenges because they keep me constantly improving and searching for the best solutions.

I think the final result is very good. The client was satisfied and sent us more products already.

Please note that the essential oil green bottle image was supplied by the client. It was not photographed by me.

This product will soon be available on Amazon US. Search for it.  

If you need a product photographer in Melbourne, please give me a call on 0417509955 or send me a message here.



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Mr Whipstir – product photography for website – Cooking accessories

Product Photography for e-commerce websites, catalogues and point-of-sale. Cooking accessories photographed in our studio in Melbourne.

This product is great to prepare merengues, pancakes and whipped cream. It only needs you to move it up and down.

It has some gear inside the head that makes the blades to run when you move the handle up and down. Simple, very clever and performs very well.

For this client, we created a series of photos showing the smaller and larger versions of the product in their totality, on multiple angles and some close-ups of the most important parts.

These are known as white background photography and e-commerce photography. We photograph the product using a single colour background that is often white. Using Photoshop, we manually mark the edges of the product with a pen and cut the product from the background. For some complex shapped products, this may take a couple of hours to do it well. The final result is a background that does not exist or it can take any colour or shape. In most cases, we use a perfect white as the background. 

In addition to the white-background photos, we created a few photos showing the power of the "blades" in movement.

These product can be purchased from several major retail stores or directly from the distributor:

If you need great product photography in Melbourne, contact us.

Click on the photos to see them larger. Please enjoy and leave a comment. 


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Male model’s portfolio build-up in studio

A professional model always need some fresh portraits

If you are a model or if you want to work as a model, you need a portfolio.

A good portfolio is more than a collection of old photos. It needs to be fresh or at least recent. It needs to have only good quality photos in a variety of poses.

We offer several portrait sessions packages for creative artists such as actors, models and musician. We have a 3-photo session package that is perfect to add fresh content and to fill-in missing poses and expressions.

A great portfolio, in my opinion, needs to show a variety of poses and expressions. The objective is to show to the casting agent, using only a few shots, you as you are.

In this article I am showing a few photos of Adytia and Paul. Note the variety of poses, expressions and background.

Please leave your comment. Thanks.


Photography for construction and renovation

Internal and external building photography

This is another great work from CMJ Building and Constructions.

I have photographed for CMJ for a few years and it is always a pleasure to document these beautiful places and to meet and talk to the team.

If you need any renovation or building, search for CMJ Building and Construction. 

You will find them on FB, YouTube and on their own website.

If you need to photograph your building or house, call us.

Contact us for an obligation-free quote, fast and top-quality work.

This is a video produced by CMJ that uses some of the photos you will see here. Enjoy.

Click on the image to to see it larger. Please leave a comment.

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Zoom Studio
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5 out of 5 stars

Michael Benton
Michael Benton

5 out of 5 stars

posted 4 months ago

*Highly Professional and Intuitive* is the only way to describe the seamless/flawless experiences i have had with Zoom Studio.
Jose is, not only one of the best photographers in the country, he has a firm grasp/understanding on how to bring out the best result of the project in hand.
I have been running businesses for over 30 years and NEVER have i encountered another operator with such passion and creative ability that goes beyond the norm. Not to mention going beyond the call of duty in order to achieve your goal.
His thoughtful input into my projects were often better than what i had in mind.
Will see you soon Studio Zoom for my next venture.

Michael Kirwan
Michael Kirwan

5 out of 5 stars

posted 6 months ago

Delighted with the results of my product photos by Jose. I contacted a few different photographers, but Jose at Zoom Studios definitely came back to me with the most detailed action plan and ideas, before I had even engaged him. Helped me every step of the way and kept me informed. He had some great ideas and the photos turned out even better than I imagined. Would highly recommend.

Christine Fahmy
Christine Fahmy

5 out of 5 stars

posted 6 months ago

Great place! I managed to get a time to do the photos on extremely short notice and got some amazing shots. Definitely recommend this place!

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