Product photography for Amazon US – Blue-light blocking glasses


Wow! What an intensive day in the studio and lots of fun.

The team from is releasing a series of classes with special lenses.

These lenses protect the eyes from the blue lights emitted by computer screens and indoor lights.

These products were designed here in Melbourne  and will and be first released in Amazon US.

They have many clever features including the smart clip-on for changing lenses.


This photo shows the clip-on storage that is made of a leather-like material. Note the texture of the materials. (click to enlarge)


Client participation:

It was a pleasure to have the team from Barkley Eyewear in the studio.

We at Zoom studio love to have the clients during the studio session.

We work together on the styling, photography angles, lighting and even on the definition of the number of photos required and their composition.

The client and I see the photos seconds after the click in a large colour calibrated monitor. We can check all details and change whatever necessary until it gets just perfect.


Product styling and objectives:

The style of a product photo needs to help to achieve the business objective.

The business requirement, in this case, was to shows "what is in the box" in a pleasant modern way.

We decided to use a lay-flat style so, all items are placed side-by-side. This style allows us to see all products without overlays or one product in front of the other and without perspective effects.

It is a great solution for showing the size of each product. We used a side soft light to show the texture of the surfaces such as the leather case and the fabric case.

Click on the image to see it larger.


Hero image:

This is my favourite photo of the session for many reasons.

It isolates the main product without showing accessories that could distract from the main product.

It shows clearly the quality of the product, the shape of the frame, the colour of the lenses and is a very pleasant dynamic composition.

The image is modern, shows the very well the product, quality and the main feature (lenses and colours).



Lifestyle image:

A lifestyle image should present the product well and create an association of the product with a place, use or client demographic.

In our case, the product is super necessary for people that spend hours in front of a computer screen. This is the main message. If you use a computer, you need this product.

The placement of the product on a relaxing, casual way over a computer keyboard gives the image a young modern look. 

The selection of a quality-brand notebook expands the perception of quality by association and may be particularly effective on students, young mobile professionals and creative artists.



Explaining features:

Someone said that one image is worth thousands of words. It is really true but there are things that are better explained using words.

In this case, we need to explain to the clients the use of the different lenses, their benefits and uses.

The solution was to photograph the products with each lens and combine them in a single image with a short text explaining it all.



If you want to read more about Amazon product photography or product photography in general, click on the Portfolio and News pages.

Please leave a comment and thanks for reading.

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This remote was designed to save money by controlling the air conditioner temperature and shutting it down on specific hours. 

appliancePro is one client that has been with us for years and we are very grateful for their support. 

Notice that some of these photos show the product in use with plenty of negative space (white areas) for the addition of text in leaflets and packaging.

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Amazon product photography – Food storage containers

To start this article, I would like to say a big thank-you to the team of Wishbone Corner to give us their products to photograph and to allow show them on our website.
As soon as this product is available on Amazon, I will add a link here.
Find more information on our main product photography page.

What makes a good Amazon product photography?

In addition to complying with Amazon image requirements, the images should show the following:

1 - Physical characteristics of the product such as size and volume.

2 - Advantages such as ease of use, durability, washability or anything that is relevant and advantage of the product.

3 - Show the product in-use or a lifestyle photo where the client can identify themselves with the product.

It is important to note that one image should send one and only one clear message. If the image is to show a feature of the product, it should be a closeup of the part of the product where we can see the feature and nothing more.   

The image on the top of this article is the main image of this product that is a set of 7 food containers. It shows the products with typical food items, has reflections to illustrate the transparency of plastic and shows how they can be piled together fitting nicely in a shelf.

As per Amazon's image requirements, this first image has no background. In fact, the background is shown here as a perfect white (RGB 255,255,255).


Composite image.

This image is a composite of 4 individual photos that were photographed and retouched individually. You can click on any image to see it larger. .

Features of the group.

This photo was created leaving a good amount of empty space for text.

In this case, the client tells advantages such as durability, washability and the type of material used.

These advantages are not clear only by looking at the images so, the use of text was the best option. 

Close up of product feature.

The close-up action photo shows the easy opening of the lid.

The black space also known as negative space was used to add important information to the client.

In this case, the air-tight lid and that is the most durable on the market.

Photography of product in use.

A great example of a photo that tells the intended message.

The product is dishwasher safe.

The close-up shows the product wet as reinforcing the washability characteristics and durability.

There is no need to any further text.

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Michael Benton
Michael Benton

5 out of 5 stars

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*Highly Professional and Intuitive* is the only way to describe the seamless/flawless experiences i have had with Zoom Studio.
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Delighted with the results of my product photos by Jose. I contacted a few different photographers, but Jose at Zoom Studios definitely came back to me with the most detailed action plan and ideas, before I had even engaged him. Helped me every step of the way and kept me informed. He had some great ideas and the photos turned out even better than I imagined. Would highly recommend.

Christine Fahmy
Christine Fahmy

5 out of 5 stars

posted 6 months ago

Great place! I managed to get a time to do the photos on extremely short notice and got some amazing shots. Definitely recommend this place!

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