Short videos of products, sample of titles and effects.

Before we can talk about options for the videos for your product, I would like to tell you that not all products need to have a video to sell well but videos help.

There are two basic types of videos, the educational ones where we show features, how to use and list advantages. The other type is the emotive one where we want to create emotions that connect the client and the product. The emotions can be created using people using the product, showing emotions on their faces or simply showing so well the product that creates a desirable feeling (luxury items).

I love both types of videos and both require a good amount of planning.

Educational videos are great to demonstrate the products advantages, ease of use or power. It proves to the consumer that the product fits its purpose.

Emotion videos require more thinking and planning to create something interesting, creative and true.

We can help you with planning videos that fit well with your marketing plan. Just contact us.

There are many options to show your product on a video and these videos were created only to show you some options.

Simple demo of product on rotating table

This is a great way to show all sides of the product while having plenty of space for messages and control of the video length and rotating speed.

Rotating table video of product demo showing ways to show features

This shows how to tell additional information about the features of the product with titles.

Demo of a rotating product that shows its quality with reflections and transparency

This type of video is great to be used on top panels and background in websites.

We have one video that shows our studio during a headshot session on the top panel of the page. It is inside the top carrousel and starts automatically. Have a look at the page Corporate Portrait.

Demo/test video of a gaming notebook showing its colourful keyboard.

This short video shows video effects, dramatic music and lower-thirds (subtitles).

Short video for a product on Amazon

This is a diffuser that has LED lights that change colour. Note that the video shows the real amount of steam that the product releases.

Other videos of products.

Video when the product is a service

Decorative background videos for banners and pages

These videos are normally short and compressed. They are installed on the website hostings server to start fast and automatically. It works fine on all devices. This is one example:

Plants background video Decorative background video You can deliver your message over a video You can describe features or talk about your values Decorative background video You can deliver your message over a video You can describe features or talk about your values

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5 out of 5 stars

Srikanth Sharma
Srikanth Sharma

5 out of 5 stars

posted 5 days ago

I have Jose's services twice so far. The first time was to get some professional pictures taken for my career and social media. I was very impressed both with the quality of the pictures and Jose's professionalism. I booked his services again to do a few family pictures. The results was outstanding and my family loved it. Jose is very easy to work with, full of great ideas and shows real instinct in getting very creative results. Highly recommend him and I will use his services again.

Alyson King
Alyson King

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

Jose was an absolute pleasure to work with. Very professional and great with direction. He used the time wisely and the images turned out amazing. I highly recommend him. Thankyou Jose and I would love to work with you again soon.

Sue D
Sue D

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

We went to Zoom Studio in April this year to take a headshot for job applications. Had a great experience - Jose really took the time to understand what we needed from the photo, and spent a lot of time providing advice about how to pose and look the part of the job for which I am applying. He took a genuine interest in it and treated this as more than simply a job, providing lots of advice to help make the photo perfect. The photo looks absolutely fantastic. He provided a high resolution copy and a lower resolution one for uploading to websites etc. He also spent a lot of time touching up the photo and removing any unsightly spots. Very happy with the experience and the photo. All of this at a very reasonable price - we will certainly be back the next time we need a photo!

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