Small product photos on a transparent/white background.

These are typical e-commerce or shopping-basket photos where all distraction is removed and the product is cleared presented. It is vastly used on eBay, Amazon and most online shopping sites.

We normally remove the background leaving the image with a transparent background. This is very useful when preparing catalogues, brochures and integrating with text and images in the website.

Our advice is to have as many angles as necessary to present well the product including close-ups of features or special characteristics that differentiate your product.

Multiple small products on white background

These are group photos of your product range, products that are part of a package or products with their accessories.

For multiple products, in the same photo, we do not recommend the removal of the background. If this is required, we suggest to photograph each product individually and combine later.

We will place the products side-by-side or arrange them based on your specifications but if you do not have a specific requirement, we will find a suitable and aesthetically pleasing option to photograph them together.

The client is welcome to stay in the studio during these group photos to assist in styling the group of products together.

Lifestyle in studio - Products with accessories

This type of product photography shows products in-use or where they should be used. We can add props and accessories that will "complete the story", reflecting the lifestyle of the target customer.

By using the correct locations and accessories we can send the message to the customer about status, lifestyle, durability, quality, luxury, natural benefits and many other messages that will help in selling the product to the best client at the best price.

We can help you with deciding which lifestyle photos are best for you and we will cost and plan accordingly.

Large-size Products

For years we have photographed products such as range hoods, cooktops, refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, boards, fans, washers, dryers and microwave ovens for well-known manufacturers and retail stores such as Whirlpool, The Good Guys, Speed Queen and Schweigen.

We will deliver the files in any industry standard format required, manually retouched and with the background removed.

Extra large product photography

Very large products such as refrigerators, commercial washing machines, furniture and industrial equipment can be photographed in the studio or on-location.

Call us to discuss the best options. We can bring the studio equipment to your warehouse or factory if this is the most convenient option.

Our service

Super fast turnaround

In most cases, you will receive your retouched and fantastic photos in 24 hours after we receive the products.

You are welcome to our studio

We love to have you in the studio during the session. You will be able to see on a large screen the photos and help us in selecting the best angles. If you cannot come, no problem, leave it to us. You will not be disappointed.

Our communication

We will need to have at least a quick phone call with you prior to processing your order. We need to confirm that what we are planning to do in the photo session is what you need. In most cases, we will discuss the number of photos of each product, the best angles and any special requirements.


All photos are manually retouched in-house. We remove dust particles and scratches, correct colours, get the correct bright and dark areas to create just the best contrast and saturation and finish with removing the background if required. When you receive your image and you noticed that we have not done anything that was planned before, we will reprocess your image at no extra cost.

Our warranty is fantastic!

If you for any reason do not like the results, we will re-shoot, reprocess or refund your money. If you order more than necessary, we will refund you. Our business is to provide excellent services always.

Receive your files electronically

When have processed your files, we will send you a link to download them. In most cases, we will supply you with two versions of each photo, one in high resolution for printing or any future use and one in a web-friendly resolution. We can provide any industry standard file format (CMYK, TIFF, PNG, etc).