Bridget-Animation with water bomb

Personal project – “Emotions”

Emotions Project - Jose Aguiar personal photography project

Emotions project is one of my personal projects. The objective is to portrait a variety of human emotions where the images cause emotions on who sees them.

In addition to exploring and photographing emotions, I want to bring aspects of our society into discussions. Here I am showing Bridget's joy of playing and on one of the aspects of domestic violence.

To show the joy of living and playing, Bridget got wet playing with water balloons. It was a lot of fun trying to get the balloons to "hit the target"

Bridget also contributed to emotions of shame and pain. This second image is part of a collection of domestic violence. Bridget shows signs of physical abuse that may not be seen by others. Domestic violence happens in many ways and the victims often hide from everybody but themselves.

We have here images of other emotions such as depression, age, sickness, sexual abuse and a series of expressions from the actress Meerna. 

I hope you feel something with these images, comment and share.


Jose Aguiar

Models: Bridget May Cochrane-Holley, Anastasia Kouloukas, Meerna, Matthew Scott Parker, Monika Thomas, Anupama, Laurinda Osborne and Susan Elsdon

Make-up Artist: Brianna Seymour

Photographer: Jose Aguiar


Domestic Violence - Emotions project

Emotions project - Sickness, age and memories

Emotions project - Depression

Emotions project - Emotions on all of us

Model Hannah colourful profile photos – Model photography

Portrait photos for a model's profile and portfolio. Disco/colourful lights and high-contract portraits.

I photographed Hannah Conn, actress and model in our studio under colourful lights.

It was a great pleasure to work with Hannah. She is a model and actress and is currently studying cinema and working on public events.

Hannah helped me in filming and editing a small video that will be released in a few weeks.

This was Hannah's idea of the use of colour lights. There is nothing difficult in placing colour gels in front of the flashes. The difficult part is not to overdo it. The placement of each light is critical in creating distinctive colour areas and where multiple colours can affect the same area.

Another challenge is with skin and fabric texture that may become too strong due to the placement of lights on near 90-degree angles.

In order to give Hannah a varied portfolio, I changed the lighting and the retouching to produce multiple looks. All photos were done in our studio in Wantirna South.

Have a look at the result and leave your comments here.

These photos were done and retouched by the commercial professional photographer Jose Aguiar

Read more about Creative Portraits and contact us.


Retouching before and after

Video explaining the retouching of this image

Retouching before and after with a lighter overall tone

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Zoozoo Printing

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posted 2 months ago

Jose at Zoom Studio produced photos of our products and were extremely happy the results. He is efficient, quick to communicate and passionate about photography, which shows in the quality of his work. Will definitely use his services again! Happy to recommend Jose to others for lifestyle product photography. Thank you again!

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Dhanesha Seneviratne Epa

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Jose was great! He took the time to understand what I wanted and really spent time making sure we achieved it. Would definitely seek his services again.

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Scott Halsall

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Jose @ Zoom Studios is simply amazing. We needed some last minute photography for a media release and to refresh some images on our kickstarter project before launch. Time was critical and quality had to be high. Jose made time for the shoot and the turnaround time including editing was fantastic right on the edge of Easter Holidays. We have successfully launched now and our publicist was very impressed with the quality of our portraits and product images. Jose is not only highly experienced and professional, he is also a great character and enjoyable to work with. Nicole @

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