This is a true and new Australian invention. In fact it was invented in Melbourne to solve a real problem.

Most tradespersons carry some material on the top or back of their truck and the driver can not see the cargo.

This is a simple but very useful product allowing the driver to monitor the cargo and identify if any of the holding straps are becoming loose or anything else is affecting the cargo.

It is very well designed with the sucking cups and the top mirror rotating and swinging to adjust to cars bonnet angles.

If you want to read more and buy it, please search for “cargo watchdog” or copy and paste this address:

The photography project was divided into two parts, one inside the studio and the other lifestyle photos were done outside. We used a tradies truck with real cargo. So, what you see in these photos are all real.

Photos were done by the commercial photographer Jose Aguiar. Our studio is located in Wantirna South (30Km from Melbourne CBD).

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Watch Dog Cargo Mirror with hand removing mirror
Watch Dog Cargo Mirror Closeup locking parts

Watchdog Cargo Mirror on car side view
Watchdog Cargo Mirror on car showing cargo

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