Product in-use demonstrating its features and characteristics

Defrost plate closeup with hand on border

This is a product that I did not know exist. It is a high-quality aluminium plate that dissipates the cold of frozen food and defrosts it in a natural and fast way. It has the middle elevated, so any liquid from the food does not stay in contact with the food but moves to the edge.

It is very well designed and produced. You can purchase it from Amazon.

Search for "Amazon Maison & Beyond Family Size Defrosting Tray".

We suggest having a clear message for each photo. You may notice here that we showed the thickness of the plate adding a hand to give it a good idea of its thickness. The water on the edge tells about the elevated centre, the steaks tell about the family size of the plate and the party nibbles tell us of its multiple uses.

Photos by the commercial photographer Jose Aguiar

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Action photos using water

Defrost plate with water falling
Defrost plate with water on side

Photos using food to demonstrate its use and size

Defrost plate with meat one over other on white background
Defrost plate with meet side by side on marble

Lighting to show the texture and shape of the product

Defrost plate Main Top side view on white background

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