When it is not convenient to bring the products to the studio, we take the studio to you.

Warehouse client photo shoot volume large items showing camera monitor and product

There are times that bringing too many large products to the studio is too expensive, too time-consuming and inconvenient. It happens quite often. The cubby houses job (see here) and the BBQRus (see here) are two photoshoots that were done on the client's warehouse.

On this job, there were a lot of products and of considerable size. Most of the products are medical carts, stainless steel trolleys and other carts and tables for clinics, hospitals and medical centres.

We planned to have all products photographed in 3 or 4 days but we managed to do it all in 2 long days. It was only possible because the clients unpacked, cleaned and re-packed all products. We also photographed all similar products and similar angles in sequence, so we reduced the time to re-adjust the lightings and camera.

Thanks to our very large diffusers, softboxes and our experience, we managed to photograph these large and highly reflective stainless steel carts with a pleasant amount of reflections. 

I am very proud of the results and the client was also very happy.  

These photos were done by the commercial professional photographer Jose Aguiar

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Very large diffusers and softboxes were used

Warehouse client photoshoot showing extra large reflectors side view
Warehouse client photo shoot showing extra large reflectors

Products were unpacked and prepared in advance

Warehouse client photo shoot volume large items showing Line of products

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