Amazon product photography of an acupressure mat and pillow

Be Zen Main group photo - Product photo for Amazon e-comemrce site

What an interesting product it is! A mat and pillow to use for relaxing after yoga or other exercises or to reduce stress, meditate or simply relaxation. 

It is made of natural coconut fibres, linen and cotton. Have a look at this picture of the fibres. I carefully placed the light to show the texture of the materials.

Jose Aguiar photographed the product in our studio in Wantirna South using the professional model Latonya Wigginton. She is a great model, super fit and flexible. The client followed parts of the session via a video call.

You will find here a series of close-ups of the flowers, the mat and its uses.

This project was well planned with the client and the photos show well the product's quality. 

When the advertising photo is good, you do not need text to explain it. I think each of these photos has a clear message and the collection tells well the story of the product.

You can buy one on Amazon Australia. Search for "bezen acupressure mat" and you will find it.

Click on the photos to see them larger. Please leave a comment and share. 

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Be Zen Linen cotton and coconut fibres - Product photo for Amazon e-comemrce

Close-up of the product features

Be Zen- Sea of Flowers - Close-up product feature for Amazon E-Comemrce Site
Be Zen Matt and pillow close-up - Feature closeup e-commerce photo for Amazon
Be Zen the lotus flower closeup - Product feature photography for Amazon e-commerce

Other photos of the product in use and more lifestyle photography samples.

Be Zen Model wearing bag - Product photography with model sample
Be Zen- Full Body Relaxing happy face - Lifestyle produdct photography for Amazon
Be Zen Neck Closeup - Product photography of product in use - Amazon product photography sample
Be Zen Bending forward over mat - Advertising product photography of product in use with model for Amazon site

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