Large reflective products photography on client's location

We decided to do this job on the client's warehouse because of the large number of products and its sizes. We transported our studio lights and reflectors including the computer and large monitor to inspect and select the photos with the client.   

It was a very busy day and thanks to the warehouse support team that unpacked, cleaned and moved the items around, we managed to photograph all that was planned.

Large items with large reflective areas are difficult to photograph for many reasons. The amount of light on one area of the product needs to be balanced with the other one. The reflections need to exist but cannot be too strong or with a shape that distracts from the product itself. 

We used 5 or 6 studio flashes and large diffusers. We used large whiteboards to control the top and front reflections. 

We connected the camera into a computer and a large screen (Tethering shooting) to be sure that we have done all photos required. It gives the client and us confidence that we have the images we need.

This project was photographed and retouched by the professional photographer Jose Aguiar APP M.Photog.

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