Lifestyle advertising photos for Amazon of a water infuser

Water Infuser with content set of 3 front view - Product in-use advertising photography sample

This is a job from last year but we could not publish them until now. The client asked to keep them out of the site until their marketing activities produced the results they need. We have now received approval to show them.

This product is very well designed and of high quality and it was a great success when launched on Amazon.

It was great to photograph this product. It is not a simple product. It has reflections, textures and transparency areas. It has natural stones, stainless steel parts, paper, plastic, cloth and we had to balance it all. I am very proud of the results. Let me know what you think.

I (Jose Aguiar APP M.Photog), photographed it our studio in Wantirna South, Melbourne

Click on the photos to see them larger. Please leave a comment. 

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Water Infuser Group photo Main Amazon photo. Sample of advertising photography.

Other photos of the product in use. - Click to see the larger.

Ultura Infuser with Tea inside - Sample of product in use

Other important features of the product

Click on the image to see all the details.

Ultura Infuser Bottle open showing cap and stones - Amazon advertising photography sample
Water Infuser-Closeup filter and stones - Amazon product photography
Water Infuser Business look honding bottle - Product in use sample
Ultura Infuser Filters - Amazon product photography sample

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