The original article was written when Zoom Studio was named Aguiar Photography.

Fine art photography in studio

Inspired by famous fine art paintings, these photographs were taken within the studio as part of a series. This is a personal project and was not commissioned by any client. I love European paintings, so this project was a technical exercise to execute at least some of the magic from the original work within the studio.

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The original painting

Louis Le Nain Le Peasant family
Louis Le Nain Le Peasant family

Louis (or Antoine) Le Main (1600/1610-1648)

The Peasant Family, ca 1642

Oil on canvas, 113 x 159 cm (Louvre museum – Paris – Third-floor room 29/31)

The debate between which artist created the painting rests between the Le Main brothers (Louis and Antoine) who shared a very similar style of work. Due to an epidemic, these brothers died within two days of each other.

The brothers focused on contrasting dark and light colours within objects, subjects and backgrounds in their artwork. Highlighting the shadows against light sharpens the objects and the subject’s expressions. This technique allows an eerie/discomforting impression for the audience as some subjects are looking away while others are seemingly staring at you.

The Photographic inspiration draws closer to the family at the table. The first image seen below shows the family facing one another, while the second adapts more of the original artwork by their inconsistent line of direction. Another fine art trait both photos have adopted include the use of contrast in colour. The black background against the light coloured garments allows a similar distinguished appearance the Le Main brothers practised in their own work.

Fine art photography in studio inspired by Le Peasant family by Louis Le Nain
Fine art photography in studio inspired by Le Peasant family by Louis Le Nain
Fine art photography in studio inspired by Le Peasant family by Louis Le Nain
Fine art photography in the studio inspired by Le Peasant family by Louis Le Nain


Faezeh left holding the jar.

Faezeh is an inspirational teacher who lives and breathes the notion that growing old does not mean slowing down.

Full of life and positivity, Faezeh has in recent years found new vigour in starting a modelling career at 62 years of age and is enjoying doing that.

Jess (Ivy) (right side with hand over the table)

Ivy has dedicated her life to the arts. In addition to acting, she sings, paints, figure skates, and has recently completed a Bachelor of Applied Music Performance in Piano.
She one day hopes to become a composer for films and games.

Genie K (Second girl from left to right)

Genie has been a performer from a young age and has loved being on stage as a Ballroom Dancer on an international scale. She is also a doctor outside of performing arts and brings her passion and dedication to everything that she does.

Kelvin (Man with hat)

Kelvin is 22 years old from Victoria, Australia. He is a creative, devoted, entertaining and professional individual who strives for perfection. His passion leads to photoshoots and runway/fashion shows. His career highlight up to date was been involved in the Positive runway show during the Aids conference held in Melbourne, and gracing the runway for world designers in the Melbourne Spring fashion week 2015.

Debbie (Costume designer)

Debbie is the head of the wardrobe for the National theatre ballet in the National Theatre in St Kilda since 2008 and has participated in numerous professional productions in Melbourne and all around Australia. It was really a pleasure and fun working with Debbie.

Emily (Makeup artist)

Emily is a very experienced makeup artist. She has always had a passion for the industry and especially enjoys the creative side of photoshoots.


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