The original article was written when Zoom Studio was named Aguiar Photography.

We have upgraded some of our video equipment to recording in Ultra High Definition. It gives us four times the resolution of the Full HD format.

This Blackmagic production 4k camera gives us more flexibility when processing the film, more options for image correction and colour grading. At the end of the day, it all translates into a higher quality video for our customers.

This new format brings some problems with the storage of the videos and the computer power required for processing the files. We have also upgraded some of our post-processing equipment and storage to process these huge files. We added faster and larger discs and special video cards.

This image shows the Black Magic Production 4K camera in operation connected to an audio mixer, soft focus and a small led panel.

Now we can provide 4K video recording for all our customers. It is simply a device that has a large sensor, very high resolution and this translates to better image quality.

There are other 4K cameras in the market but this one uses a full 35mm sensor and records in RAW format. It gives us great options to recover details on highlights and dark areas and it uses full frame Canon lenses. Great quality images!

To understand more about the 4K advantages, see this video:

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